The View From The Lab #4 December 2016

“They said there’d be snow at Christmas…”

It doesn’t look like it; at least not here in Old Blighty. This line of course is from Greg Lake’s immortal “I Believe In Father Christmas” and as we go into Xmas and the turn of the year, it’s been a bittersweet journey for us at Uranium Club. On the plus side, we’ve launched, with your help, the world’s first “Craft Record Label” and garnered some great coverage and word of mouth recommendations. On the downside, this year has seen the Exit… Stage Left of some of the foundation talent of Rock Music as we know and love it today. So farewell then Greg, Keith, David, Leon etc, we’ll be raising a cup to you all this Xmas and New Year…

And to you, dear listeners and members, we give you our thanks for making the first few months of Uranium Club so successful. Here’s to 2017 and plenty more where that came from 🙂

And Talking Of Personal Recommendations…

You know it’s worthwhile when… we received this email from happy customer and all round top chap, Gert van Dijk:-


“A couple of weeks ago some friends and myself spent a wonderful evening listening to music. Everyone one of us came together, brought some music with him and we started to listen.

I brought Discontinuance with me and it stunned everyone! I made a photograph, you can see it attached to this mail.

On the right you can see Jaap. Second from the right you can see me. Ben is the person on the left, between Ben and me you can see Gerrit. Present during the evening of wonderful music but not visible in the picture were Berend, Arnold, Jaap-Jan, Martin and Michiel.

We thought you would like to know about our listening-experience!”

Well thanks Gert and your mates ! That’s brilliant 🙂 We’re so glad you love the album, and here’s that picture…


Gert goes onto ask…

“A couple of my friend were wondering wether or not the special edition of your cd (in the box, with the bottle and postcards) is still available? Would you be so kind to let us know?

Looking forward to be hearing from you!

All the best,
Gert van Dijk
The Netherlands”

The answer is YES – the Ltd Edition is still very much available.


Following up on our news last time with the signing of Kaprekar’s Constant, the guys have put together a little taster of the album, and we thought you might like a listen. We’re looking to get a single out during Jan 2017 and the album in March, and we can’t wait!

And finally…

We’re really interested to hear any feedback from you and ideas about what you want to see from Uranium Club. We’d especially like to hear from anyone who purchased the box set of Discontinuance to see how you’re getting on with them. It’s part of our “thing” so we want to make sure that we know how they’ve been received and any improvements we can make. You can write to us directly at

Also let us know if you come across any bands and artists who you think are worth a look – as we know, the best recommendations come through word of mouth.

Cheers for now, have a great Xmas and New Year and here’s looking forward to the next time !!